In Memory of Heroes

I hate war! Pure and simple, war is an abomination of everything I believe in. Wars are a political creation for the most part and usually are waged to serve special interests. Iraq, Vietnam, Korea…the list goes on. But those who served and sacrificed are heroes, no matter how just the war. Years ago, I knew a woman whose father had served in WW2. He was in the European theater the ENTIRE length of the war. He said everyone in several of his squads was killed, yet he was spared, and each morning he awoke thinking this was the day he died. He survived and became wealthy, and I thanked God for him. And all others like him.

Yes, some wars are inevitable but lately it seems we look for a reason to war. Perhaps if politicians were required to send one of their loved ones to the front lines, they wouldn’t be so quick to act. I recall hearing a preacher talk about how we needed to invade Iraq (first time) when I was sitting next to a woman whose grandchildren were Special Services and already behind the lines, risking their lives every minute of every day. And I thought how easy it is to talk when you have no skin in the game. So, my hat is off to all those who have risked their lives. They might not have wanted to fight but they obeyed orders. My prayer is that the world will wake up one morning and decide that nothing is gained from killing other people. Let’s take that money and feed the poor, educate our children, make sure the poor have access to medical services, etc. As a friend once told me—feed the poor, guard the shores, and little more.

God bless America and God bless all our heroes.

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