Is Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God) a Fraud?

In his book, Walsch recounts several conversations with God and discusses things such as death, power, sickness, faith, etc., etc. Many readers claim he made it all up because God wouldn’t talk with him and certainly wouldn’t give the answers Walsch reported. Now, I can’t address the authenticity of his conversations but I can, and will, address the answers God supposedly gave him. When Walsch asked God why things happen, like a truck hitting you or getting mugged by a robber, God answered by saying we, all of us, are at the root of the conditions that cause the robber to rob. We don’t feed the poor or help those unfortunate; instead we take advantage of them for our own good. As for the truck accident, you are here for self-realization so seek your own salvation as the Bible teaches. The spirit learns from every incident.

Okay, that’s what Walsch writes. Let’s see what others say. Perhaps the most influential “new thought” teachers in the past fifty years was Neville Goddard.He said that fools exploit the world but wise men transform it. Sound familiar? Two decades ago, I became friends with one of the most remarkable men I will ever know; for the present I’ll keep his identity a secret, but he bombarded me with so many spiritual sayings I finally just asked that he write them down. And his beliefs, which came from revelations he received during hundreds of hours of meditation, are nearly identical to all those beliefs I’ve read from other men who profess to also had revelations. And as I’ve received my own revelations through meditation, I’m actually considering a book about what he says. Now, before you call us both crazy let me tell you a couple of things I’ve seen from his with my own two green eyes. I’ve seen him take objects and tell the owner their history. This is called psychometry. I’ve seen him close his eyes and reach inside briefcases and tell what’s in a book or report he picks up. One of the beliefs he harps about constantly is the power of thought–a similar belief I have and one that is shared by nearly every “new thought” proponent I’ve read. And like Neville, he bases much of his beliefs on scripture. He says that we need to go within (meditate) and ask for answers to our questions.

I’m sorry if this is confusing but it’s going to take time for me to put down all my feelings on this. I’ll pick it up in future blogs. I’ll end for now by saying that I believe that Christ was trying to tell us much more than we realize, so we need to remove our preconceptions, what we’ve been taught for years, and go to God through meditation and actually listen.

So, is Walsch a fraud? If he is, he’s a most enlightened one.

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